1. Set up new committees
    • Ponds Committee
    • Welcome/Lifestyle Committee
    • Election Committee
    • Finance Committee
  2. Changed the role our management company plays in the management of our Community
  3. Brought home a balanced budget with minimal increases in HOA fees
  4. Modernized our telephone and  internet systems resulting in
    • Significant Cost Savings
    • Greatly enhanced Clubhouse WiFi system
    • The ability to install internet based cameras throughout the community making this a safer community for all of us.
    • Technically advanced Telephone System
    • Faster Internet speeds in the Clubhouse
  5. Sucessfully commissioned new Reserve Study
  6. Prepared all the necessary documents and evidence for our claim against Pulte/Centex, which has been submitted
  7. Hired a new HOA lawyer from the largest legal firm in Florida, specializing in HOA's and Condominium Associations
  8. Oversaw the upgrade and major repairs to our irrigation system without a budget overrun.
  9. Initiated, planned, negotiated and finalized the installation of a new Geothermal heating system for all of our pools.
    • Significant long term cost saviings ($60-70,000 annually)
    • Heating the previously unheated Eagle's Nest Pool
  10. Organized a volunteer day last fall and another this month
    • Enhanced the look of the Community
    • Significant savings
    • Prevented the Walking Trail from becoming an eyesore and a detriment to the Community
  11. Oversaw the introduction of a new landscaping company with significant improvement to the overall look of our community.
  12. Installed a new 21st century audio visual system in the Ballroom
  13. Greatly improved the look and quality of our ponds with many fewer problems than in the past.
  14. Set up YouTube channel recordings so that everyone may, if they wish, watch all of our meetings in the comfort of their own homes.