My name is Ronny Wallace and I live on Cedar Falls with my wife Sally Ann. We came here from a Del Webb Community in New Jersey in 2013 and love our new life here.

It has been my pleasure to work for you all as a board member for the last year, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Everything that I have done has been with the intent of putting the community as the number one priority. I have always been a people person and wanting to give back to the community, and being able to do that has been extremely rewarding.

My vision for this community is the same as it was a year ago. I believe that many of the things that I stood for then have been achieved. Have we had a perfect record? No, but as volunteers with the time that we have had at our disposal, we have achieved a great deal. We have had some setbacks, but not everything always works the way you plan it, but even the setbacks, once remediated, will make this community a much better place to live.

I wanted to see us appoint committees to help the board. Many have been set up and the Landscape committee, which I used to chair, will be reinstated soon. We will also ensure that all these committees provide a positive benefit for the community in the future.

Next I wanted to see changes in the role that Access Management played in the community. The board made many changes after we took over, and then step by step made the necessary changes to improve the way the community was run. As you will have heard at the February board meeting, at our behest Access are taking big strides to improve the way they do things for us. Of course we will also be looking at alternative strategies.

On the budget side of things, in spite of major unforeseen expenditures in 2015, we came through the year in the black, and were able to maintain our HOA fees for this year at almost the same levels as last year.

I was responsible for organizing our new telecommunications system which produced significant savings in cost as well as greatly improved the telephone system and WiFi availability in the clubhouse. The one major piece of the puzzle that still needs to be addressed is our website, which will be a top priority for the next board.

For those of you preferring to watch our meetings in the comfort of their own homes, I am the person responsible for arranging that.

I spearheaded the work the board did to arrange for a new reserve study. It has been done and is being fine tuned right now. It will reflect a positive and adequate reserve fund for the community. We will have it ready to include in the 2017 budget, and it will reflect and correct all of the concerns that we had with the previous one commissioned by Pulte.

Moving forward however, the board has a fiduciary responsibility to protect your and the community's assets, and so we must look for ways to maintain and improve this community. Future budgets will have to reflect that need. That will include cost savings as well as increases in income.

Right now, since we have no Capital Improvement fund, which must not be confused with the Reserve Fund, we are totally limited in the improvements we can make to our community. I will work to see that we do have that in future budgets so that we have the monies to maintain and  improve the community in the coming months and years.

I have done a great deal of work to assist the board in providing our lawyers with the necessary tools to put us in a strong position for our Transition negotiations with Pulte. Our claim has gone to them and we await their reactions in a few short weeks. I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure we get the best possible result from that process.

On every board or committee, there is always one person who does a lot of the grunt work to make sure that everyone is provided with the information they need to perform their duties at peak performance. Without taking anything away from any of my fellow board members, who have all worked tirelessly for you, I think most of them will agree that I have been that person in the last year. During the summer months, when Dave was away, Brian was working full time and Bill part time, I was really the one who took the load to get things done.

In the coming year there are many things that the Board hopes to achieve. Many I have already referred to, but some of the others are:

  • Starting the process to amend our documents to better serve the community
  • Upgrading our Security System
  • Setting up a Technical Committee
  • Creating a 5 year Plan for the community
  • Ensuring that we have policies and protocols in place to cover any eventuality that might arise.

I am truly looking forward to serving on your board for the next two years. I promise that, if I am re-elected, I will do everything I can to continue to improve this community and to make it one of South Tampa Bays premier 55+ communities. I hope you will reward me with your vote on March 31st.                      

Thank You.